sensory intoxication - a mind-expanding experience of sound and vision.

“galega_optickle”  is the new audio visual project of Jan Galega Brönnimann and Optickle.
Acoustic and electronic soundscapes, melodies and loops, breath and bass, rhythms and clicks – this is the musical world of Jan Galega Brönnimann.

“In his performances, he is creating a hypnotic and progressive sound rooted in different musical traditions and at the same time setting a path for the future.” (Musikreviews, Jochen König)

jan galega brönnimann bass clarinet, kontra altoclarinet, electronics
optickle live visuals

In collaboration with the video artists from Optickle, Galega composes an enrapturing audio-visual experience. Impressions from everyday life are condensed into unexpected creations. In contrast and mutual interaction, motifs of nature and urban worlds evolve into experimental landscapes. These multi-layered virtual worlds, often built from simple casual details, sharpen the audience’s awareness of it’s own contemplation of everyday life and allow for a glimpse behind the superficial.