Issa Kouyaté Jan Galega Brönnimann


Issa Kouyaté Kora

Jan Galega Brönnimann Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone

The music of Issa Kouyaté, Jan Galega Brönimann  is a reminisence of the Art of storytelling. The Trio creates a tension of traditional and mordern music from Africa and  Europe. The sparkling sound of the Kora (African Harp) meets the warm tone of the Bass Clarinet percussion. the result is a marvellous, soft and swinging afro manding songs of Issa Kouyaté, Jan Galega Brönnimann!

Issa Kouyaté from Senegal is an exceptionally talented and skillful kora player, singer and composer. Born and raised in a famous traditional griot/ jali family he was taught to play by his father from very early age travelling to assist in traditional ceremonies in Senegal, Guinea Conakry and Guinea Bissau. He started his professional career accompanying various afro manding groups in Senegal such as Alalake, Wa Flash, G Kalima, Nakodje and most recently Ngua Néné with his niece singer Mariama Kouyaté, a rising star in Senegal and on the international scene. Ready to invest in his own solo career Issa moved to Switzerland in 2012 and produced his first album Tanian Tanian.

Jan Galega Brönnimann was born in Cameroon, West Africa. He has been on the scene for years and known for his innovative and cutting edge collaborations. As a composer and instrumentalist he has worked with the likes of: Nils Petter Molvaer, Sidsel Endresen, Pierre Favre, Saadet Türköz, Eddie Floyd, Round Table Knights Baba Salah, Aly Keïta and Kenny Werner. He is best known as a frontman with his own band, Brink Man Ship.